A little about the company: I created Munkeys Creations around 2009 after I discovered how much people loved my work. The name Munkey comes from a nickname I was given back in high school that just stuck. I decided to put Creations instead of Crochet because I am a crafter so there occasionally is some crafting going on.

About Me: One of my great aunts taught me how to crocheting and I’m talking about the typical mile long chains I didn’t really learn until high school. I had an art teacher who taught me the textiles part of things, and I took off from there, making my own designs never sticking to the patterns. I am a stay at home mom, I crochet when I can and I constantly have friends and family asking for things so I decided to make a small business with it.
Building this website I hope to make it easier for people to have access to affordable crochet items and inspire more to keep this dying art going!

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